Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Share Memories?

Memories make us think. We reflect when we remember. We get a glimpse of ourselves in another place and time. Then when we share these glimpses we come to know a little bit about each other. We connect.
Memories are part of our story. Stirring and sharing a memory reminds us that we are not alone.
How does sharing a memory of a kind act help?
Everyone is kind. The person standing next to you bends down to pick up something that falls from your arm-load of groceries. The little boy in the park shares his plastic shovel to help another child dig out a toy. Examples of everyday acts of kindness are all around. But we forget. Even acts of kindness we have done or experienced.
A kind act is a positive expression. Remembering it generates a positive emotion even if briefly. Emotions linger for a long while. A regular practice of remembering positive experiences can shape our interactions and the way we view life.

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